Propellers for Jabiru J2200

Propellers for Jabiru J2200

These propellers are designed for the Jabiru 2200 aero engine in tractor (prop in front) installations.  They range in size from 56" x 48" which is designed for small 110 kt+ aircraft such as the Sonex, Sonari and Corby Starlet, to 64" x 30" which is designed for higher drag aircraft with slower flying speeds such as the Zenith CH701 STOL. In the middle of the range the 60" x 38" is used for aircraft such as the Jabiru UL cruising around 90 kts.

The propellers are manufactured from Victorian Ash (a light coloured eucalypt) unless you order the Victorian Ash and Mahogany lamination option (light and dark wood laminations).
All propellers are now sheathed in 4oz fibreglass cloth as standard and finished with a clear two part polyurethane.


  • Tapered hub to suit the Sonex cowl and skull cap spinner.
  • Fully painted, white with coloured tips and mat black anti glare on the back face.
  • Red or Yellow painted tips.
  • Urethane protected leading edge.

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